Hey There 👋!

I'm Kfir Ben-Ami, a multi-disciplinary full stack web developer from Israel. I love to share what I know and this blog is an excellent mean for that! I've been creating on the web for around 7 years, took part in some startups, and have done many other projects.

I'm passionate about web development in general and doing so with new technologies in particular. From a technical standpoint, I spend most of my time working with Laravel (PHP Framework), Vue.js, "Vanilla" Javascript, CSS3, and HTML5. Open-source technologies make me super excited and when possible I try to contribute to them. I occasionally find myself dealing with networks and Linux-based servers.

If you have a question about me, or just want to chit-chat 💬, you can find me on  Twitter,  LinkedIn, or just  shoot me an email!